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Screw Surface Inspection Method


There are two types of screw surface inspection, one is the inspection before the screw is produced without plating, and the other is the inspection after the screw is electroplated, that is to say, after the screw is hardened, the screw surface is processed after the inspection. After the screws are produced and before electroplating, we carry out inspections on the dimensions and tolerances of the screws. See if it meets national standards or customer requirements. After the surface treatment of the screws, the electroplated screws are inspected, mainly to check the color of the electroplating and whether there are bad screws. In this way, when we send the screw goods to the customer, the customer can successfully pass the goods when they receive the goods. Fasteners God is a best Fastener Manufacturers а также Fastener Suppliers in china, Fastener products include BoltsScrewsnutpin、стиральная машина, так далее. Inspection after screw processing:
1) Appearance quality requirements
The inspection of the appearance of the screw is inspected from the aspects of appearance, plating layer and so on.
второй, the inspection of screw plating thickness
2) Gage method
The amount used is micrometer, vernier caliper, plug gauge, так далее.
3) Magnetic method
The magnetic method measures the thickness of the coating layer, which is a non-destructive measurement of the non-magnetic coating layer on the magnetic substrate with a magnetic thickness gauge.
4) Microscope method
The microscope method is called the metallographic method, which is to enlarge the etched fasteners on a metallographic microscope with a micrometer eyepiece to measure the thickness of the coating on the cross section.

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