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  • Boulon à œil zingué avec écrou

    prénom: Boulon à œil zingué avec écrou

    Fastener PlatingZinc

    Matériel: Acier;

    Marque: YiJIN

    Mode de coopération: OEM, ODM, de gros;

    lead time: 10-15 Work Days

    Certificat: ISO 9001;

    la norme: DE, DIN7981, ISO7049;

    demande de renseignements
    • Zinc-Plated Eye Bolt with Nut Specifications

    This eye bolt boasts a formed circular eye at the non-threaded end and a blunt machine screw thread on the other end. Great for light-duty applications, it is made with steel for strength and is designed to attach rope or cables to surfaces. A forged construction with a zinc-plated finish offers durability for increased load and stress bearing. Includes mating nut.

    • Includes one piece per pack
    • Steel construction
    • Zinc-plated
    • 3/8 dans. X 4 dans.
    • Use for light-duty applications
    • Attach to ropes or cables
    • Formed circular eye on non-threaded end
    • Durable steel construction for a long-lasting use
    Zinc-Plated Eye Bolt with Nut TAGS:
    Boulons à œil, Boulons en acier inoxydable

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