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Wie schützt die Schraube vor Feuchtigkeit?


The method of preventing moisture and moisture of screws is as follows: (1) Solvent-free paint should be used for vibration machinery. (2). It is better to choose impregnating paint without oxidizing components, such as epoxy urethane (Epoxy-urethane) based or unmodified epoxy (Epoxy-) based impregnating paint. (3) When using melamine alkyd paint, the curing temperature and curing time should be adjusted.The curing temperature should be slightly higher than 130℃ (such as 135℃) and the curing time should be greater than 180min, and the process must be strictly implemented, especially In the high temperature and humid season, the rotary vibrating screen is not necessarily full due to the paint drying (curing) time specified in the sample of the paint factory from the perspective of rust prevention. The motor has a specific internal shape. (4) Adopt lacquer that does not contain volatile acid. (5). Choose paint with good hydrolysis resistance. Fasteners God is a best Fastener Manufacturers und Fastener Suppliers in china, Fastener products include BoltsScrewsnutpin、Unterlegscheibe, etc..

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